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 Sasha Shuttleworth 


Shuttleworth is a UK based multidisciplinary creative delving in poetry, DJing and photography.

Myself and Shuttleworth have collaborated over the years to marry my artwork with her poetry.


Tell the river let her hair down

Let her banks swell and fold


Tell the moon to be her fullest

And spread her stars out, bold.


Call the birds back from the mountains

Call my lover home to me


For the mad men are a’dancing

And the riflemen run free


Let the orchards bloom and ripen

Let the barman’s beers be cold


Let all be loose and merry

Now you’ve come back to the fold


As the Icey lakes are melting

Let the rabbits run unbound


Tell the bison to come running

And the crickets make their sound


Now all has come together

And you are home with me


Let the babies’ cries be sudden

And all that lives be free.

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